Working Mom Reviews: Baby Brezza Formula Pro

14700818_10107883631306529_6894402850875217750_oWe all have our reasons for feeding our babies the way we do.  I fully believe that Fed is Best, as I’ve stated before.  While, I chose to formula feed due to my need to take medication that was not breastfeeding friendly, I know there are a lot of reasons for choosing to either supplement or exclusively feed formula.  In reality, formula became the best option for us for a variety of reasons that had nothing to do with my meds.  I’m a working mom who went back to work before even my doctor wanted due to the demands of legislative session.  Transitioning back to work with a long commute, long days, etc. would have been made especially difficult with pumping.  Formula also allowed my husband and I to split feedings in the night which assisted me in getting much needed sleep so I could cope with a baby, working, and self-care.  While breastfeeding is a great choice for many, supplementing at night or in the day after returning to work if pumping is getting you down.  This mom life isn’t easy and you do what you can!

For those of us choosing formula in any capacity, there is one way to make your life impossibly easy.  The first baby purchase we made was the Baby Brezza Formula Pro.  We knew we’d be feeding formula and my husband, an experienced parent of two older kids, knew this would make life simple when we needed it most – sleepy night feedings with a newborn, day feedings when you just couldn’t even, and time when grandparents, aunts, and uncles could pitch in and watch our baby.

The Formula Pro is the one piece of technology I really can’t recommend enough to new moms.  To give you an idea of how little tech we’ve picked up, we have a standard audio monitor.  All of our friends chose nifty wireless video monitors or Nest cameras.  We couldn’t have everything because our budget was limited but we chose the Formula Pro as a total splurge.  In all honesty, I now think of it as less of a “splurge” and more of a “couldn’t do without”.  It ranks up there in terms of “new motherhood lifesavers” along with my pour over coffee cone and electric kettle.

Here are the reasons you should add this to your registry or snap it up today

It is so easy to use.
You fill the reservoir, adjust the dial in the formula hopper, add even a tub sized load of formula to the hopper, determine the oz needed, and press start.  If you accidentally order the wrong amount, press “stop”.  The platform for bottles adjusts to fit all bottles.  If you’re like me, though, and you have various sizes and types, you can just adjust to the largest bottle and then hold up smaller bottles underneath where the formula comes out.  You only have to refill the formula sparingly and the water 1-2 times per day depending on how much you make.  It is really like a “Baby Keurig”.  You can use any formula you want as well.  And if you can’t find yours listed on the directions, give Brezza a call or send an email.  They will tell you what setting to use on the dial.  All in all, you have a bottle in well under a minute which is much better than a screaming, hangry baby.

The maintenance is less than you’d spend on pump parts or bottle washing.
There is some maintenance you will have to undertake.  That’s perhaps the only downside I’ve found to it.  However, those of you already cleaning pump parts and/or bottles will find pulling the front part off and cleaning underneath he dispenser is a simple daily task that doesn’t really add anything to your workload.  Brezza also makes a table top bottle sterilizer and dryer to make your life simpler with bottles.  We didn’t splurge and get it but I so wish we had had it in those early months.  I have heard excellent things about it.  It also holds and sterilizes your pump parts (which is why I have heard from friends it is a total lifesaver).  I know a woman who keeps hers in a work break room and uses it all day for pumping.  But, yeah, the Formula Pro does require some maintenance (read the manual and follow it!).  However, it’s not complicated or nearly as time consuming as other regular tasks.

It will make your babysitters and family love making bottles.
Nothing makes babysitting easier for older family and people without kids than a machine that MAKES BOTTLES.  No confusing demos of adding water first and then adding formula or emphasis on how to properly shake a bottle.  No purchasing Ready-to-Eat pricey formula that, once open, must be consumed within a day. My 70-something in-laws understand how to use it and love the machine.  This will make helping you 100 times easier – even for your childfree friends and family.

It is the easiest way to make bottles.  HANDS DOWN.
There are three ways my friends make bottles: pitchers, measuring for every bottle, pre-made bottles in a fridge.  I’ve tried all but pitchers but have helped with babies fed via the pitcher method.  All of these are cheaper, sure, but they are all full of headaches and lost time.  Pitchers are great if your kid will take a cold bottle but the amount needed per day can fluctuate and, if your kid won’t take a cold bottle, you have to heat up water and wait for your bottle to warm.  If your kid is used to breastmilk, this can certainly be a problem.  Pitchers also require more maintenance daily than our Formula Pro does.  Pre-made bottles require about as much work (if not more) and have the same temp issue.  If your kid is like mine, you can get away with room temp bottles no problem but mixing them in the middle of the night is so difficult.  When we travel, I hate even using the pre-made sleeves because of the mess associated.  And, if you have a house like ours, you have to traverse the whole place to get a bottle made with hot water.  This is a nightmare scenario.

All in all, the Formula Pro overcomes almost all of these issues.  First of all, it’s fast when you need it most  For that 4 AM feed, you can make the bottle the minute you hear baby waking.  You needn’t even turn on a light because the buttons are easy to see in the dark but are not too bright in a way they keep baby up.  This saved us countless hours of sleep in the early days.  You can keep the brezza wherever you have electricity – as near as possible to where baby sleeps.  It takes up so little space it easily fits on a dresser top (see mine above).  My husband or I could get up and push a button so the bottle was ready before the baby would wake up the other person screaming at full tilt.  If I had had to warm a bottle or measure one out, it would have taken so much longer and both of us would have been awake. The temp is always perfect.  If your baby started out on the boob or is on the boob part of the day, this will delight them.  It comes out as close to the temp of breastmilk as is possible.  It also minimizes gas in a way shaking a bottle simply can’t touch. I haven’t found a better way.  For new parents who know formula is right for them or second time moms who are planning on formula this time, it’s a must-have.

It saves you waste.
The Formula Pro makes bottles in 2 oz increments (like you get measuring with a scoop from a typical formula tin) and adjusts with the touch of a button.  If your kid takes an 8 oz bottle in the morning but only wants a 4 oz bottle 2 hours later, you can just do that much.  You can top up so easily that you will save yourself money and formula.  This is a big advantage over the guessing game that goes into a pitcher or pre-made bottles.  All in all, while there is an upfront cost, this thing will probably pay for itself buy sparing you waste over the first year of your kid’s life.

You might think “I’ve already been doing the whole pitcher thing for a couple months, so I can’t justify it” but if it’s in your budget, I would say you should get it.  First of all, it’s so superior to any other thing I’ve tried.   If you supplement a lot or plan to transition off the breast when you return to work, this thing will save you so much time.

All in all, this is the number one thing I recommend to expectant and new mothers.  If formula prep is getting you down, you NEED this thing.  Buy it here (or at any major retailer).  I can also say with all honesty that Brezza has fab customer service as I contacted them about a type of formula that wasn’t included in their brochure (generic formula) and I got a phone call back within 24 hours from a live person who was very helpful.  It also holds up great.  6 months of non-stop use and it’s been reliable as all get out.  We’ve had 0 issues with it.  I would even say if you plan on having more than one kid, it’s an even better investment.

So, if you plan to feed formula or are feeding formula and want to make your life easier, this is an absolute must-have, mamas (and dads).

Disclosure: I bought the Formula Pro at full retail price prior to having my kid.  I received no payment or trade of goods for this review.


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