Working Mom Reviews: Brush-Baby Teething Brush

My kid is an overachiever when it comes to teething.  While she may have been lazy to find sitting up desirable – she crawled and pulled up regularly before you’d find her choosing to sit independently much – she wasn’t lazy to get teeth.  She’s had teeth since before the 4 month mark and now has 9 (possibly 10) teeth.  She has more teeth than her toddler friends and double the teeth of her older baby friend at daycare.

You’ve got to feel sorry for kiddos when they are teething.  I thought her incisors were going to break us.  However, we found something that worked.  I was contacted by Brush-Baby when I had posted about my kid’s teething issues way back when she was about 5 months old and getting 2 more teeth.  I had bought their teether and baby brush set then.  For us, that was a game-changer!  My kid still uses that teether, too, mind you.  They offered to send her a Brush-Baby teether brush for when she was slightly older for us to try.  It was for 10 months plus but R has impressive motor skills for a kid her age – we gravitate towards toddler snacks these days – and at 9 months, I knew it would be great.


So, around 9 months when she was getting two incisors, we busted out the Brush-Baby toothbrush and teether.  How did it go?  Well, my kid is currently cruising around the living room at 10 months old with it in her hand.  We’ve had to keep an eye out every morning as she goes to daycare because it’s been left there before.  She ferries it along with her, I guess.  I am thinking we just need to buy a couple more.  During a weekend where we were just barely surviving on Tylenol and Coffee, breaking out that teether was a life-changing event.

So, what is so great about Brush-Baby products?  Well, the quality is outstanding.  They are made out of medical-grade silicon.  That makes them easy to wash if you need to.  The teether and baby toothbrush is one piece, too, which makes it incredibly safe for your kid.  The bristles are just little silicon threads.  They are soft.  So, as your kid is teething, they are brushing those teeth.  The little nubs also make their gums feel better.

Unlike most other teethers I have found, they are the perfect amount of hardness for R.  Traditional plastic teethers are too hard for her.  Silicon is just safer and easier.  You don’t need to throw it in the freezer so you don’t have to have 5-6 of them running around at any given time to cycle them through.  And if they get dirty, you just toss them in warm soapy water, rinse, and hand them back.

We’ve been gifted a million products to help with teething and have bought teethers as well.  I’m telling you that both the petal guard version for younger babies and the toothbrush version for older babies are the best teethers I’ve found.  Brush-Baby will make your life easier, your baby happier, and will make kiddos learn about oral health from a young age in a way that is no onerous for anyone involved.

Brush-baby products are available on Amazon.  They are new to the U.S. (they are headquartered in the U.K.) but are well-regarded by British parents.  Brush-Baby even makes an electric toothbrush for toddlers and kid-safe toothpaste.  They were nice enough to send some for R and I’m hoping to review those in the future as well.  A number of their products are Prime Eligible and all are affordable, so this makes them great for working parents who live and die by what they can get on Prime.  If you want a teether with added dental benefits, I suggest you check out Brush-Baby products!

Full disclosure: While I have purchased some Brush-Baby products on my own, the teether shown here was sent by Brush Baby.  I agreed to review their products on my own volition.  I have not received financial compensation for this review.



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