We Moved (And Stuff)


Husband and R watching Property Brothers in a box while we packed.

Last I wrote, we were in Missouri and I was at my old job.

Wow.  A lot has happened since then.  In April, I accepted at job at my alma mater with a new start up center.  Here, I get to help Hoosiers and am still responsible for connecting university resources to the outside world.  I left tenure track but returned to academia in 2016 for an applied position at my other alma mater.  Of course, mid-Missouri was never my “place” and I am thankful for the change of scenery.  Also, we’re glad to be in a place we both love – the place we got married going on 4 years ago.

This is where I work now!

Our family had about 5 weeks to pack and move across the country.  We didn’t secure housing until about 2 weeks before we actually moved.  It was nerve-wracking and we ended up with a 6 month lease on a tiny apartment.  It was a change after being in a duplex for almost 4 years.

In order to do this, my husband quit his job and my daughter left daycare.  We were lucky that we could afford for him to do this.  He’d stay home with her for awhile to give her some consistency in the move.  And he would pack the house – including 2 relocubes while home with her.  He is a moving machine, so he managed all of that.  I cleaned our entire place and sold most of our belongings.  We moved very little with us.  It was challenging.  We sold a car and became a one-car family.

Our relocubes arrived!
More boxes at Home Depot!

We were thankful because family and friends helped a lot.  My amazing in laws helped up move out here and tailed us.  Our very small car did not have enough room for essentials.  We then had a move-in shipment delayed.  We went almost 2 weeks without furniture.  Doing that with a toddler was pretty miserable and everyone was sick of takeout by the end of it.

R and our dog, Chessie eating lunch on our way to our new home!

Our furniture arrived just in time for my first day of work in June.  My husband unpacked most of the house but we never really decorated.  In the end, that worked out because we began house hunting in July and put in a bid the first week of August.  We were clear to close by my birthday in August.  It happened so fast!  Less than 4 months after our move-in date, we moved again.  Shoutout to my father who spent a few hours babysitting our daughter so we could purchase a stove (he was unexpectedly stranded due to a hurricane and visiting family up in The Region) and especially to my in-laws who helped us move for a second time in less than 6 months.  Also, my amazing coworker who watched R so we could move without that added “fun” distraction.

Thanks, “Auntie B” for watching this girl for us!

But move we did.  And we said goodbye to our old place (thank god!) and had space and no shared walls!  We were so thankful to have that phase behind us.  But just in time for me to plan and host a statewide data event a little over a week later.  I didn’t get to plan the timing but I felt so much better knowing it was over.  And we triumphed.

Now, my daughter has started preschool part-time while my husband job searches.  Ultimately, this was a great move for our family.  We’ve been fortunate to meet new people, be closer to my family, and to still see his family on a very regular basis.  I promise now that things have calmed down, I will try to post more often.


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