About Me


I’m a doctor but I’m not that kind of doctor.

I’m an early-thirties working mom to a preschooler.  I’m a horse and dog lover.  Political scientist by trade.  I conduct applied research and data analysis for a university center by day and blog about things I care about whether they be political, feminist, or just good tips for working parents whenever I have spare time.

You will find in my blog a mis-mosh of things that are neither twee nor perfect as neither would describe me nor my life as a whole.  If you wanted the Manic Pixie Dream Mom lifestyle blog full of macaroons and tips on bento boxes, this is not the place for you.  I love to cook and bake but am always tired.  I live on coffee and my kid lives on whatever I’m eating plus whatever toddler snacks and pouches Aldi sold last week.  I will make you the best prime rib or cocoa stout you’ve ever had but I’m not going to pretend it all happened without some choice adult language.

I don’t pretend anything I do is effortless.  It takes a village.  My sociologist husband, my wonderful daycare provider, and my sweet in-laws are that village.

The views expressed here are all of my own and do not reflect those of my employer.

If you’d like to contribute or collaborate to my blog, please email me at themamapolitic@gmail.com.